Basic chemistry products are the key constituents of almost all other chemicals.

    Within the basic chemistry there are three major groups:

  • Organic chemistry, whose plants are immediately downstream of the refinery and whose production includes the main building blocks of petrochemicals, namely olefins and aromatic oils;
  • Inorganic chemistry, whose most important products are chlorine, soda and sulfuric acid;
  • surfactants and detergent raw materials. Most of the products in the basic chemicals are commodities, that are undifferenciated products (quite similar among different manufacturers), being sold in huge quantities.

Consequently, the key success factor for companies of the sector lies in the ability of minimizing production costs. Products are obtained by synthesis. Usually basic chemical plants are of huge dimensions and have non-stop working cycle of 24H. The most important types are cracking, aromatic extaction and chlorine-soda plants.

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